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  • Fast Drying Technology
  • Outstanding Abrasion Resistance
  • Extremely Hard & Durable Wearecoat
  • Low Odour & Protein Free
  • Slip Resistance

Cemflow Topping Pigmented is designed as an industrial grade floor topping for upgrading and renovating new and existing internal floors.


Cemflow Topping Pigmented is supplied as a pre-blended dry powder designed for application between 5mm to 15mm (in one application) to provide a finished hardwearing floor surface.

Cemflow Topping Pigmented is self-smoothing, dimensionally stable, and fast drying. It is suitable for use in a wide range of industrial and commercial environments such as schools, showrooms, galleries, hospitals, factories, warehouses etc. subjected to medium to heavy traffic. It is also protein free so may be used in biologically sensitive areas.

Cemflow Topping Pigmented is suitable for application on to a wide range of subfloor types, including; sand and cement screeds, concrete, terazzo, granolithic, epoxy and polyurethane resins and waterproof membranes.

Typically Cemflow Topping Pigmented can be pumped up to 1500m² per day. Coverage of 600m² can be achieved when hand applied, dependent upon manpower and equipment used.

We would recommend that Cemflow Topping Pigmented is always sealed with Cemflow Sealer. (Further information is available from our Technical Department or the Product Data Sheets).

Materials Supplied

20 kg and 25 kg paper sacks


A 20kg bag using 4.00 litres of clean water will yield approx. 12.0 litres. A 20kg pack of Cemflow Topping Pigmented will cover approximately 2.4m² at 5mm thickness.

A 25 kg bag using 5.0 litres of clean water will yield approx. 15.0 litres. A 25 kg pack of Cemflow Topping Pigmented will cover approximately 3.0m² at 5mm thickness


Protect from frost and store under dry warehouse conditions at a temperature between 10°C and 30°C.

Shelf Life

6 months in unopened bags and stored under good conditions.

Technical Information

EN 13813 DesignationCT-C35-F10-AR0,5
Working time @ 20°C20 – 30 minutes
Setting time @ 20°C90 minutes
Foot traffic
Light traffic
Heavy traffic
3 hours
24 hours
3 days
Compressive Strength (N/mm2)
EN 13892-2 
1 day
7 days
28 days

> 20.0
> 30.0
> 35.0
Flexural Strength (N/mm2)
EN 13892-2 
1 day
7 days
28 days

> 4.0
> 7.0
> 10.0
Abrasion resistance
EN 13892-4
Slip resistance
EN 13036-4
Dry 78
Wet 60
Flow properties using 30mm ø x 50mm
flow ring (EN 12706)
120 – 140mm
Consumption per mm thickness1.65 kg/m²
Application thickness5 - 15 mm

Application Instructions


Concrete and sand / cement screeds must be sound, dry and fully cured (not subject to shrinkage). Any laitance, contamination and surface treatments must be removed by mechanical means such as grit blasting. The surface tensile strength of the substrate should be a minimum 1.5 N/mm².

For uneven surfaces, apply Cemflow Base to a minimum 5mm to provide a smooth level surface, prior to the application of Cemflow Topping Pigmented. (Please refer to relevant product Technical Data Sheets).

The concrete substrate should be below 75% RH alternatively Strongcoat DPM should be applied. The temperature of the floor must be maintained above 10°C throughout the application and drying of the Cemflow Topping Pigmented.



For application on to sand / cement screeds, concrete and other porous substrates, first seal the prepared surface by applying one diluted coat of Neoprene Primer, diluted one part Neoprene Primer with 4 parts potable water by soft broom or brush, and allow to thoroughly dry. Apply a second coat of primer diluted 3:1 by the same method and allow thoroughly to dry. Depending on the porosity of the substrate a further coat may be required.  To confirm if this is necessary a small application area should be undertaken to ascertain the correct priming requirements. As an alternative, Strongcoat Primer may be used.


Apply one coat Strongcoat Primer and allow to cure. Apply 2nd coat and whilst still tacky fully blind with DCP Coarse Aggregate at approximately 3kg/m² until the surface is covered and no resin spots remain. The rate of application is approximately 3kg/m². Allow to dry fully overnight and remove excess aggregate before applying the Cemflow Topping.


For application over Cemflow Base apply Neoprene Primer diluted 3 parts water to 1 part Neoprene Primer by brush or soft broom and allow to dry thoroughly. Apply a further application of Neoprene Primer diluted 3:1 with water and again allow to dry thoroughly.

For application on to impervious surfaces, such as tiles, coatings or onto Strongcoat DPM (please read relevant product technical data sheet). Apply Strongcoat Primer and whilst it is still tacky fully blind with DCP Coarse Aggregate at approximately 3kg/m², until the surface is covered and no resin spots remain. Allow to dry fully overnight and remove excess aggregate before applying the Cemflow Topping.



Mix the powder and water according to the method recommended by the pump manufacturers. In the case of pumps having a continuous water feed adjust the rate of water flow until the mix is a smooth fluid, uniform grey liquid with no surface separation, producing a flow of approximately 130mm using a 35cc flow ring.


Use a power-whisk fitted in a heavy-duty slow speed electric drill. Mix in the proportion of 20kg of powder to 3.8 – 4.2 litres of potable water. Pour the water into a suitably sized bucket and gradually add the powder while stirring, until a smooth, lump free consistency is achieved. The material should be mixed for a minimum of 3 minutes. Leave to stand for 2-3 minutes and mix briefly for 1 minute before applying.


Pour or pump the mixed material onto the prepared surface and allow to attain a smooth finish. The use of a spiked roller will help eliminate entrapped air and smooth out flow lines. Apply at a thickness between 5mm to 15mm in one pass only.

We would recommend the first coat of Cemflow Sealer should be applied over the Cemflow Topping Pigmented a minimum of 6 hours after application. (Please refer to Cemflow Sealer Technical Data Sheet).


Wash tools with water immediately after use.


Do not place when the substrate temperature is below 10°C or when the ambient temperature is 10°C and falling. Protect from frost.

Do not exceed the maximum recommended water content and only use potable cold water.

This product is not recommended for external use or situations where water may come into direct contact with the cured material.

This product should not be applied to ashpalt or bituminous surfaces.


Refer to the product Material Safety Data Sheets before using Cemflow Topping Pigmented.

This data sheet is for general guidance purposes only and may contain information that is inappropriate for certain conditions of use. Accordingly, all recommendations and suggestions are made without guarantee. Further information is available from our Technical Department.

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