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Joint System for Heavy Duty Concrete Floors

Prefabricated Free Movement Joint System for Heavy Duty Concrete Floors

A prefabricated leave-in-place joint system designed for constructing formed free-movement joints in high flatness category industrial floors. The system provides arris armoring for heavy-duty applications, class-leading load transfer capability, and solutions for all operational environments. A selection of prefabricated intersections enables fast track installation.
TERAJOINT is the industry standard in the range of prefabricated heavy-duty movement joint systems, suitable for all large-area construction methods for ground-bearing and pile-supported concrete floors. The cold-drawn steel rails provide extremely durable protection to the slab arrises, making it ideal for floors in a heavy-duty traffic environment.

The systems ensures reliable load transfer in formed free-movement contraction joints with openings of up to 20 mm wide, and suitable for slab depths from 100 mm to 300 mm.It is available in Plain Steel, Hot Dip Galvanized Finish or Stainless Steel versions.
The TERAJOINT permits free slab movements caused by drying shrinkage and thermal variations in both longitudinal and perpendicular directions in the slab plane, transfers vertical loads between adjacent slabs, and minimizes vertical displacement of the slabs. The load transfer system is accomplished using discrete plate dowels made from high-strength steel, moving within rigid plastic release sleeves.

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