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Flexbond HD100


  • Excellent adhesion

  • All purposes

  • Waterproof

  • Paintable

  • Odourless

  • Solvent-free, environmental friendly


Flexbond AC500 is a non-sag, all-purpose construction adhesive for long-term fixing, for all materials (without PE, PP, PTFE). Bonding a wide variety materials such as wood, gypsum, chipboard, MDF, XPS, EPS, polyurethane, ceramic tiles. 


  • Sealing joints between window frames and the wall around the door frames and windows joints in parquet flooring, paneling, etc.
  • Adhesive for durable installation of moldings, baseboards, acoustic and decorative panels and elements
  • Bonds porous materials such as cork, wood, polystyrene, plaster, concrete, stone, ceramics, polyurethane, etc

Materials Supplied

280 ml cartridges 12 pcs in a box. 
Polyethylene nozzles are included in each box


Store in a cool, dry and shaded areas at temperatures between +5oC and +30oC. Flexbond AC500 has a shelf life of 12 months if stored under the recommended conditions.


  • Flexbond AC500 is not applicable for PE, PP, PTFE.
  • Make a preliminary test for adhesion.
  • Working temperature - +5 to +40 °C
  • Time for repairs - 20 - 30 minutes at +23 °C.

Technical properties @ 23°C, 50% RH

Density1.6 g/ml ± 3%
Application temperature
+5°C to +30°C
Skinning time
20 - 30 min
Adhesion with XPS
0.39 N/mm2
Adhesion with EPS0.28 N/mm2
Adhesion with concrete
3.0 N/mm2
Adhesion with parquet1.0 N/mm2
Adhesion with PVC0.05 N/mm2
Bond strengh on the 7th day
0.61 MPa (tiles)
Bond strengh on the 7th day
 0.75 MPa (porcelain)
Bond strengh on the 7th day
1.03 MPa (plaster)
Bond strengh on the 7th day
1.40 MPa (wood)
Bond strengh on the 7th day
0.41 MPa (glass)
Bond strengh on the 7th day
1.15 MPa (steel)
Bond strengh on the 7th day
1.98 MPa (sheet metal)
Bond strengh on the 7th day
0.88 MPa (aluminium)
Bond strengh on the 7th day
0.23 MPa (aluminium with powder coating)

Application instructions

Clean the surfaces from dust, grease and loose particles.
Flexbond AC500 is applied with the use of a caulk-gun.
Cut the nozzle at 45˚. Apply adhesive strips or wavy over the entire surface. Use the notched trowel if you need.
Place the item in the required position. Tightly press and hold for 10 seconds. 
Consolidate the element if needs in first 2 - 24 hours until
the glue set. 

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