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AquaProof 1K Plus


  • One component, easy to apply
  • It can be applied on damp substrates

  • The apartment can be painted
  • Provides solid protective coating

  • Allows water vapor to pass through the structure (breathable)


AquaProof 1K single component cementitious waterproofing, modified with polymers.


Aquaproof 1K provides a hardwearing, seamless, waterproof membrane for potable water retaining structures, tanks, basements, foundations and culverts.

Waterproofing of bathrooms and wet areas.

Protection of concrete substrates and masonry against carbon dioxide, chloride ions, water and de-icing salts.

Materials Supplied

Aquaproof 1K is available in bucket -  5 / 10 kg


Approximately 1 kg / 0. 75 m2 / 1mm
Покривност на опаковка от 5 / 10 / 20 kg
1.9 / 3.8 / 7.5 m2
Дебелина на нанасяне  (2 слоя x 1 mm)
2.0 mm

Storage/ Shelf Life

AquaProof 1K has a shelf life of 12 months from date of manufacture if stored at temperatures range between 5°C and 40°C.
If these conditions are exceeded, DCP Technical Department should be contacted for advice.


AquaProof 1K should not be applied to frozen substrates or if ambient temperature is below 5°C or expected to fall below 5°C

The area must not be exposed to moving water during application.

Aquaproof 1K can be submerged with water after 5 – 7 days of application depending on ambient temperatures and relative humidity.


  • EN 14891

Technical Information

Bulk density of the mortar
1820 kg / m3
Proportion of the components 100 kg dry mixture : 31.3 l water
Аdhesion strength after curing in normal conditions EN 14891:2012
≥ 0.5 N / mm2
Аdhesion strength after immersion in water EN 14891:2012
≥ 0.5 N / mm2
Adhesion strength after  heat ageing
70 °C
EN 14891:2012

≥ 0.5 N / mm2
Adhesion strength after freeze - thaw cycles
EN 14891:2012

≥ 0.5 N / mm2
Аdhesion strength after contact with chlorinate water EN 14891:2012
≥ 0.5 N / mm2
Crack bridging ability under standard conditions EN 14891:2012

≥ 0.75 mm
does not leak water at 150 kPa
Permeability to CO2 : diffusion-equivalent air layer thickness Sd
EN 1062-6:2005

> 50 m
Liquid water permeability< 0.1 kg / m2.h0.5
EN 1504-2:2005
Compression strength
after 7 days

after 28 days

> 25, Class R3
EN 1504-3:2006
> 35
EN 1504-2:2005
Flexural strength
after 7 days
after 28 days
EN 1097-3:2000

3.6 N / mm2
4.8 N / mm2
Adhesion on concrete
EN 1542:2002
> 1.5 N / mm2
EN 1504-2:2005

The technical data
are specified at 23 ° C.

Application Information


The surfaces to be coated should be clean, sound, and free from contamination. Remove any traces of curing compound, laitance, organic growth   or any other loose materials. This is best obtained by using high pressure water or light grit blasting. Substrate containing honey combing, damaged or deteriorated concrete should be repaired using suitable repair mortars from DCP repair systems before coating.


No special primer is required, but substrate should be pre-soaked with clean water prior to application of Aquaproof 1K.


To ensure proper mixing, a mechanically powered mixer or drill  fitted with suitable paddle should be used. Add the 4.7 litre water to a clean container.   

The powder component is then added slowly to the water while mixing continuously with low speed mixer/drill (400 - 600 rpm). Mixing time should be continued for 3 minutes until a uniform consistency is obtained.


Aquaproof 1K can be applied by brush, or spray machines. The mixed material should be brushed well into the surface. Strike off with brush in one direction.
Care must be taken not to spread the materials too thin. The first coat should be applied at a wet film thickness of 1 mm. When the material begins to drag, do not add any water, but dampen the surface again.
A minimum of 3 - 5 hours, depending on the prevailing ambient temperature, should be given for the first coat to cure before applying the second coat. If the first coat is fully dried, pre-soaking is needed before applying the second coat.
For brush applications, the second coat should be applied in a perpendicular direction to the previous layer to ensure good bond and coverage.
To achieve a smooth finish, it is recommended to finish the surface with a trowel immediately after brushing the second coat. The total dry film thickness for both coats should be 2 mm.

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