Flo-Grout 3
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Flo-Grout 3

Flo-Grout 3

  • Good non-shrinkage characteristics

  • Extremely dense and low permeability

  • High early strength development allowing for rapid installation

  • High flow can be poured or pumped into variable gap widths down to 10 mm

  • Easy to apply, single component which require only addition of water


Flo-Grout 3 is pre-mixed, pre-packed chloride free cementitious grout. It contains cement, selected additives, well graded, and non-reactive aggregates and is designed to give excellent flow properties, shrinkage compensation, frost resistance, and high compressive strength.


Flo-Grout 3 is ideally designed for use in the following applications:

Machine beds
Stanchion bases, struts, railings, and guardrail assemblies.
Filling of shutter tie rod openings.
Anchoring of tie bars, and bolts.
Pile top re-profiling.

Materials Supplied

25kg polythene-lined paper sacks 


Approximately 13.5 – 14 liters/ 25 kg bag depending on consistency.

Flo-Grout 3 can be applied in a single layer at thickness between 10 - 100 mm. For greater thickness, an 8 – 12 mm washed aggregate should be added at a ratio of 15 kg of washed aggregate to 25 kg of Flo-Grout 3.

Storage/ Shelf Life

Flo-Grout 3  has a shelf life of 12 months from date of manufacture if stored at temperatures between 2°C and 35°C.


At low temperatures (below 8⁰C), warm water is recommended to achieve the early strength. And the formwork is recommended to be kept longer time.
At high temperatures (35⁰C and above), cold water (less than 20⁰C) must be used for mixing.


  • EN 1504

Technical Information

Compressive strength
EN 12190:2001
≥ 20.0 N/mm2, 1st day
≥ 60.0 N/mm2, 7 days
≥ 70.0 N/mm2, 28 days
Flexural strength
EN 1015-11:2001

≥ 4.0 N/mm2, 1st day
≥ 6.0 N/mm2, 7 days
≥ 8.0 N/mm2, 28 days
Application temperature+4°C + 25°C
Service temperature
- 20°C + 200°C
Fresh wet density≈ 2.1 g/cm3
Аdhesion bond
EN 1542
≥ 1.5 MPa

Restrained shrinkage/ expansion
EN 12617-4
≥ 1.5 MPa

Pull-out strength
EN 1881:2007
≥ 0.75 kN
displacement 0.6 mm
Elastic modulus
EN 12412
≥ 20 000 N/mm2

Permeability to CO2 : diffusion-equivalent air layer thickness Sd
EN 1062-6:2005

> 50 m
Chloride ions content
EN 1015-17:2001
0.05 %
Carbonation depth of control concrete,
EN 13295:2005
mean value:
 5.5 mm
dK Carbonation depth of Flo-Grout 3

mean value:
 2.0 mm
The technical data are specified at 22 ° C.

Application Information

The substrate should be sound, clean and free from contamination. Surface Laitance should be removed by acid etching. All surfaces should be soaked with water enough to reach saturated surfaces prior to grouting. A water tight formwork should be erected to avoid any grout loss.

To ensure proper mixing, a mechanically powered mixer or drill  fitted with suitable paddle should be used.  
For a flowable consistency, the addition of 3.5 - 3.6 liters of clean water should be added to clean container. The 25 kg powder is then added slowly to the water while mixing continuously with low speed mixer/drill (400 - 600 rpm). Mixing time should be continued for 3 minutes until uniform consistency is obtained.


Under Base plate:
Enough material should available to achieve continuous fill and to complete the work. Pouring of the mixed grout should be started from one side only to avoid air entrapment.  To obtain maximum flow distance, a side Shutter feed between 100 - 250 mm high should be erected and used to build the required head.

As the mixed grout posses high fluidity characteristics, all formwork and shutters should be water tight. This can be obtained by sealing underneath the formwork and at the joints by using an appropriate mastic.
The unrestrained areas should be kept to a minimum due to the expansive nature of Flo-Grout 3.

As Flo-Grout 3 is a cementitious based material, it should be treated in a manner similar to concrete. Curing can be conducted by either using concrete curing compound such as Setseal 22 or by using wet hessian and polyethylene.

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