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  • Very good penetration

  • Exterior and interior use

  • Solvent - free

  • Reduce surface absorbency (impregnate)

  • Water vapor permeable


Grundix DP is a high quality polymer dispersion. It is characterized by a fine particle size, which allows for deeper penetration into the substrate.


Grundix DP  provides good adhesion, sealing surface, strengthens the foundations, regulates absorbing ability. Grundix DP does not contain solvents.

For walls, floors and ceilings.

Strengthens all highly absorbent substrates: gypsum, lime, cement plasters and mortars; gypsum board; aerated concrete; ceramic and stone finishes; smooth concrete slabs.

Before applying Don Latex, putty, plasters, tile adhesives, wallpapers and insulation panels.

Materials Supplied

Grundix DP is available in packs from 1 kg and 5 kg.


Approximately0.30 - 0.60 kg / m2

Storage/ Shelf Life

Grundix DP has a shelf life of 12 months if stored in proper conditions, at temperatures range between + 5°C and 30 °C in its original unopened packing.
Protect from freezing. Protect against direct sunlight.


Grundix DP is used only in dry conditions at temperatures of air between  +5 °С and +35°С.

Not applicable on wet and frozen surfaces, and on directly sunlit walls.

The material is sensitive to low temperatures. Do not store, transported and applied at temperatures below +5°С.

Technical Information

0.96 g/cm³
Test drying
EN ISO 3678
3 h
Adhesion on substrate
EN ISO 4624
1.82 N/mm2
Liquid water permeability
EN 1062-3
0.1 - 0.5
II class
Working  temperature,
+ 5°C
Maximum grain size
EN 13300
Overlaping time:3 h@ 20°C

Application Information


Surfaces should be clean, sound, dry. As well as free from oil, grease, dirt and loose particles.
Before applying Grundix DP is necessary to test the strength of the base.


Grundix DP is applied directly by brush, roller or spray machine. Grundix DP is used diluted with water in various proportions depending on the porosity of the surface. Dense surface - 1:5, porous substrates - 1:2.
Concentration and amount of Grundix DP must be such that fully absorb into the base without forming a surface layer.
Should be left to dry completely.
Depending on the specific conditions  the following works can be carried out not earlier than 3 - 6 hours after application of Grundix DP.

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